Dragonflies abound

In an effort to familiarize myself with more Swiss fauna, I am taking an introductory dragonfly course through BirdLife Zürich. The course runs through the main part of the 2016 dragonfly season, from May through September. It is fun to visit new areas and learn new species, especially such spectacular ones as dragonflies. At the same time, I am learning about different (dragonfly) habitat types and their respective dragonfly indicator species. The course is offered in German, so I’m also learning a lot of good vocabulary.

Check out my new dragonfly page to see more photos and find a list of Swiss dragonflies and their conservation status.

Look at these eyes!

Keilfleck-Mosaikjungfer – Version 2

Green-eyed Hawker/Keilfleck-Mosaikjungfer (Aeshna isoceles), Petite Camargue, FR

And they turn from this…


Dragonfly exuviae, Bad Belangen, DE

…into something so delicate as this!

Version 2

White-tailed Skimmer/Östlicher Blaupfeil (Orthetrum albistylum), Petite Camargue, FR