About Me

I am a US citizen living in the New Haven area of coastal Connecticut. I am a native English speaker and have intermediate skills in reading, writing, and speaking Spanish and German.

How to Hire Me

You may either call me or send me an inquiry via email that includes a short description of your project (e.g., desired tasks and deadlines). We will discuss details of the project and develop terms of agreement if we determine that we are a suitable fit. I guarantee to complete the work by the agreed upon date and expect prompt payment upon completion.


All correspondence between the client and myself, including the contents of any documents, is kept strictly confidential. For example, you can be assured that if you ask me to work with endangered species location data, I will not disclose the location.


I am sole proprietor of my company. As such, I ask that payments be deposited into my US bank account. Invoices are sent in either USD, CHF, or EUR, depending on client preference. I have competitive rates given my low overhead costs and new business model.